Power Rangers Director Reveals Why Mastadon Zord Has Eight Legs

Power Rangers Director Reveals Why Mastadon Zord Has Eight

In a recent interview, Power Rangers director Dean Israelite discussed what led him to make of one of the more controversial decisions: to give the Black Ranger’s Zord, the Mastodon, eight legs instead of the animal’s traditional four-legged form.

Power Rangers Movie Zord Designs Explained

Or even more astoundingly, why did the Black Ranger’s Mastodon Zord have 8 legs? In a sit-down interview about Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie with Collider , Director Dean Israelite explained the entire history that went into designing the Zords, and why some of them have those extra features.

New Power Rangers Clip Spotlights The Mastodon Zord

Power Rangers stars Bryan Cranston (Zordon), Elizabeth Banks (Rita Repulsa), Naomi Scott (Kimberly/Pink Ranger), David Denman (Sam Scott), Becky G. (Trini/Yellow Ranger), Sarah Grey (Amanda), RJ Cyler (Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger), Emily Maddison (Rebecca), Ludi Lin (Zack Taylor/Black Ranger), and Dacre Montgomery (Jason Lee …

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Where Are They Now?

Most American audiences discovered Power Rangers back in the early ’90s thanks to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which featured footage borrow from the Japanese action-adventure show Super Sentai. Since its debut in August of ’93, the show has gone on to have 24 seasons under 20 different iterations, and also inspired two feature-length films.

New Power Rangers Movie Clip Shows Off Mastodon Zord

In a recent interview, Power Rangers director Dean Israelite spoke about the decision to give the Mastodon Zord eight legs, as opposed to four as in the TV show.

Seriously, What the Hell Is Going on With the Zords in …

Ever since its first reveals, we knew the Power Rangers film would skew its Zord design away from the prehistoric animals of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and toward something more alien than fans might expect. The first look at the rest of the team Zords though, shows just how weird it’s getting.

Zords in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers | Neo …


Power Rangers Concept Art Of Zack’s Mastodon Zord

Midway into the film, the Power Rangers– Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Zack — are frustrated that they still haven’t figured out how to Morph into their armor despite ”busting their asses.”Alpha 5 acknowledges the hard work they have put into their training, so to lift their spirits and encourage them to keep pushing forward, the very excitable, optimistic …