’Naruto’: Do You Remember Itachi’s First Akatsuki Partner?

’Naruto’: Do You Remember Itachi’s First Akatsuki Partner?

Naruto has no shortage of bad guys, but that means some of the series’ bloodiest villains can get forgotten. Guys like Itachi Uchiha have gone down in history while others are barely thought about. So, if you didn’t realize that Itachi had an Akatsuki partner before Kisame, don’t feel too bad.

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Do You Remember? Summary: Kisame and Itachi didn’t meet for the first time when they became partners.They met while Itachi was still in ANBU and Kisame was not yet a Swordsman of the Mist. But Itachi doesn’t seem to remember.

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Itachi was Pein’s and Konan’s favorite, everyone knew that. He was the youngest Akatsuki ever, even if Deidara joined later. They see him as …

Chapter 4 | Itachi’s Daughter

You were right Naruto-niisan!” she smiled up at him then continued to eat her ramen. Naruto laughed and Tenchi beamed with pride that she loved his ramen. Once they were finished Naruto payed for the ramen and picked Mitsuko up …

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He is loyal enough to his partner Itachi and Akatsuki, and fanatically devoted to what he thinks It makes sense if you remember that the Kyuubi has to be sealed last, or else the Gedo Mazen will break, releasing all the stored tailed beasts. and that quickly disappeared after Deva Path’s powers returned. vs. 6Tail!Naruto: At first the

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Read The Akatsuki’s Plan from the story Love at first sight – Gaara x Reader by WriterJ13 (Nobody) with 1,834 reads. shippuden, romance, sand. ”It’s Itachi

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Jul 03, 2007 · Naruto- Akatsuki question? Kisame gets along well with his partner. While Itachi is assigned to Naruto Uzumaki, Kisame’s target is the host of the four-tailed beast, an elderly man whom Kisame defeats with some effort.[15] Sasori was Deidara’s first partner in Akatsuki. A powerful ninja puppeteer, he was a missing-nin from

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Feb 04, 2015 · Was he getting word from Itachi that Akatsuki wouldn’t try to kidnap Naruto at the time, hence Naruto seemingly being unprotected and free to do what he wanted? Speculation! All the info that Jiraiya had from what you said except for the 3 years thing he basically threw at Kakashi in that brief skirmish in part 1.

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On Akatsuki – Kobayashi then goes on to say that when the Akatsuki were first introduced [when they were as shadows during their meetings] it was really exciting. Kobayashi says his favorite pair were Hidan and Kakuzu, to which …