Gun culture runs deep in the U.S. and won’t change soon

Gun culture runs deep in the U.S. and won’t change soon

Gun culture runs deep in the U.S. and won’t change soon Analysis Whenever a high-profile shooting occurs, someone, in this instance journalist Piers Morgan, campaigns to tighten U.S. gun laws.

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Guns and ammunition constitute a $17-billion (U.S.) industry in the United States, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, with an indirect economic impact of more than $40-billion. Roughly 134,000 people rely on the weapons business to …

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He sent ABC’s newsroom a 23-page fax two hours after the 6:45 a.m. local time shooting that was part-manifesto, part-suicide note — calling himself a gay black man who had been mistreated by people of all races, and saying he bought the gun two days after nine black people were killed in a June 17 shooting at a Charleston church.

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Like why should a particular gun be banned in one state simply because some governmental official doesn’t like the look of the gun when that gun is legal in adjoining states? That’s why we need comprehensive national bans and restrictions on certain types of guns and ammunition.

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Added to that, gun rights groups spend around 17 times what gun control groups spend on lobbying. That is not to mention the money spent by the National Rifle Association (NRA). The NRA is funded by the firearms industry and represents gun owners.

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Lacking a ’gun culture’ Apart from the laws, the main difference between the UK and the US is the role that guns play in everyday life. In the UK, most gun lovers are involved in shooting sports and are mostly based in the countryside.

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How NRA Advertising Changed The Second Amendment–And American Gun Culture The NRA’s brand messaging over the last four decades shows just how political the organization has become.

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The book is also a subtle yet searing condemnation of U.S. gun culture and American indifference to endemic gun violence. “Those shot on any given day in different places and very different circumstances lack the critical mass and tragic drama to draw the attention of the nation’s media in the way a mass shooting in a cinema or church might,” …

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When a hail of bullets extinguished dozens of lives at an elementary school last month, the ugly consequences of the nation’s gun culture shot into the media spotlight. The debate around gun control in the aftermath of Newtown has yielded confused policy proposals like further militarizing schools, or preemptively tracking mentally ill people.

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Out of their factories in Connecticut — what came to known as ”Gun Valley” — they would soon produce firearms with the same speed and efficiency as Henry Ford would later …

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