bugger off Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

bugger off Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

bugger off definition: to leave or go away, used especially as a rude way of telling someone to go away: . Learn more.

bugger Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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Bugger – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Also, bugger off. Go away, as in Bug off before I call the police . Both terms are often used as an imperative, as in the example, and the variant is …

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Bugger off – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

It was a joke, a way that even in the most civilised drawing room, even in front of your rich Jewish banker host, that you could tell him to bugger off out of Germany. MORNING SERIAL After all, he cannot have foreseen that the man to whom he so benevolently gave another chance has spat his charity back in his face and wants to bugger off to …

Bugger – definition of bugger by The Free Dictionary

Define bugger. bugger synonyms, bugger pronunciation, bugger translation, English dictionary definition of bugger. n. 1. Vulgar Slang A sodomite. 2. Slang A contemptible or disreputable person. 3. Slang A fellow; a chap: ”He’s a silly little bugger, then” . bugger off. Chiefly British Slang To leave someone alone; go away.

Meaning of ”bugger off” in the English dictionary

Meaning of ”bugger off” in the English dictionary DICTIONARY PRONUNCIATION OF BUGGER OFF. Synonyms and antonyms of bugger off in the English dictionary of synonyms SYNONYMS WORDS RELATING TO «BUGGER OFF Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

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Bugger off definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Bugger off definition: If someone buggers off , they go away quickly and suddenly . People often say bugger off | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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Technically means to sodomize, but most people use the word in a variety of situations, often without realizing the true meaning. It is often considered these days to be more acceptable that the word ’fuck’ (as long as you are not in the presence of anyone old enough to remember the actual meaning).